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Soup in the Chinese culture by the best restaurant in Zetland

Soup is not regarded as a meal or an occasional comfort food in the Chinese culture. While across the globe it can be considered to play a formal, distinctive and variable role in almost all meals apart from breakfast. The best restaurant in Zetland will tell you a little more information about the customs of soup in the Chinese culture.

Most soups prepared are mainly simple broths made from meat bones and vegetables or pickles. Its main purpose is designed to help digest the food and it is often served as a beverage with the main meal or towards the end of dinner. They are never served first as it will fill you up to fast and they say that soup is meant to fill up all the gaps between the food. At our Chinese restaurant in Zetland, we welcome you to drink our soups whenever you want.

However there is a rare time that on occasion the soup can be the centerpiece of meal if it contains certain precious foods. Soups that feature birds nests for example, will be moved the middle of the meal. There is also the medicinal aspect of soup in the Chinese cultures, which are classified as tonic soups to help with different aspects of life and illnesses. The foods in these soups are chosen according to their Ying and Yang properties.

We provide a wide variety of soups for you try at our restaurant, so be sure to come visit the best restaurant in Zetland, so our soup can warm you up this coming winter.