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Best Chinese restaurant in Zetland on Chinese food culture

Different culture has different dining etiquette, what is acceptable in your culture doesn't mean that it is acceptable in others. That is what makes every culture interesting. East Phoenix would like to share a tip or two with you about the Chinese food culture. Read on!

Don’t turn over the fish!

In a typical Chinese restaurant, a fish dish is usually served as a whole. After finishing the topside of the fish, we have the tendency to flip it over to continue eating the other side. But do you know what does that action means in the past? It means, “You have capsized the boat”. Back in the days, a lot of regions rely on fishing as a livelihood and fish symbolizes the boat. If you turn it over, you are casting some kind of bad luck to fishermen.

It doesn’t mean you have to throw away half of the fish, there is a “technique” to it. So instead of turning it over, you can pick up the backbone of the fish near the tail entirely and continue eating the meat.

Do you know that birthday noodles is the cake in the past?

Some people still carry out with this Chinese tradition today. Instead of cutting birthday cakes, you have birthday noodles. The longer the noodles, the better it means. Birthday noodles symbolize longevity. Therefore, try not to cut the noodles because it means cutting off your life, which isn’t something you would want to do on your special day. Cutting only applies to cutting it purposely using a knife or chopsticks. Biting is acceptable.  

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