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Best restaurant in Zetland: Useful day-to-day Chinese dining etiquettes

Let’s start from the table setting.Typically, each individual will have your own bowl, pair of chopsticks, a soup-spoon, a saucer, a napkin and sometimes a hot towel instead of individually packed wet tissue.

The most significant difference between the Western and the Chinese dining culture is that instead you having your own plate for food, the dishes are placed in the middle for everyone to eat together.

It is acceptable for you to reach across the table for a dish. To better facilitate access to all dishes, restaurants usually have lazy Susans in the middle of bigger table.

Do not be surprised if you are Chinese host places food on your plates. It is an expression of friendship and politeness. It is common for the oldest one to start eating before the other begins, watch out for the cue!

Rice is a staple food in the Chinese culture. Do not bring your mouth to the bowl of rice, instead bring your bowl of rice to your mouth.

It is also common that a Chinese host will over-order, as it is embarrassing if all the food is consumed because it may seem like their guests do not have enough food to eat.

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