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Best restaurant in Zetland: All you need to know Chinese teas in a restaurant

In a Chinese restaurant, typically after you have sat down at your table, the first question a customer will ask you is “what tea would you like?” This question is pretty “challenging” if you don’t know anything about Chinese tea.

Today, the best restaurant in Zetland, East Phoenix, will tell you the all-you-need-know-to knowledge about the common Chinese teas. Read on!

The most common tea that most of us know is the Oolong tea. The type of tea has a brownish colour, has a woody, roasted aroma and taste less bitter as compared to black tea.

Next, we have the Pu’er tea. It is common to drink Pu’er while having dimsum as it pairs well with oily food. In terms of taste and aroma, Pu’er is earthy, dusty and mild.

If you are after a flower tea, go for the chrysanthemum flower tea and enjoy the sweetness of the nectar. Jasmine tea is also a pretty common flower tea in Chinese restaurants.

Next time, when you visit East Phoenix or any other Chinese restaurant, you will know what tea to order. East Phoenix is looking forward to see you soon!